Other Missions


Decentralized Human Rights Enforcement

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights ratified by the UN in 1948 just isn’t being credibly enforced by any international organizition. However, this document has ostensibly been agreed to by all member states of the UN.  Therefore, it does have considerable moral legitimacy. So what is needed is a decentralized censorship resistant forum in which people can broadcast charges. If accused individuals are found guilty after due process, all their personally identifying information should also be broadcast in this forum. 


Automate everything no one wants to do for free

Prostitution can most broadly be defined as the degradation, or debasement of ones talent for personal or financial gain. On the other hand, people really do have bills to pay. So we need a decentralized AI that is powerful enough to automate anything. Then we need a borderless form of universal basic income to just pay everyone’s bills. To achieve this we need a p2p file sharing platform that rewards users for sharing popular files. Obviously high performing genetic algorithms that solve real world problems will be quite popular. We also need to add a 10% transaction fee on all transactions on this network, which would act as a tax on consumption, and these fees should be distributed to the user base on the most equitable basis possible. 


Fighting climate change via de-desertification

The problem with climate change is essentially too much water in the ocean, and in the atmosphere. This causes flooding and extreme weather. So… we need to make use of the Earth’s  water. The best thing to do would be to grow as much sugarcane in the world’s deserts as possible, and turn it into fuel grade ethanol. If we fill all the deserts with 4 meter tall sugarcanes, we might even be able to reclaim ocean land. What’s nice about this plan, is that desert land is worth next to zero and there is an obvious revenue model with this venture.